Thursday, April 27, 2017

Feature Student: Sean Kurz

Hi! My name is Sean Kurz and I am a sophomore from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am a double major in Journalism and Global Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies!

Over the past two years here at UNC, I have many opportunities to be involved with really incredible organizations on our campus. In my first year, I was involved in First-Year Focus Council, which is a Student Government committee that focuses on welcoming first-year students to UNC and planning programs to help them become better acquainted with our campus. I am continuing my involvement on Student Government into next year as an executive assistant for the Student Body President. I have also tried to stay involved with social justice activities on our campus. I currently serve as the Co-Chair for Tar Heel TABLE, which is a Campus Y organization that partners with TABLE in Carrboro to help raise awareness for childhood hunger in the area around our campus. We volunteer at TABLE and have programs on campus to promote the organization. I am really excited to be working with the organization over the next few years! I am also really excited to be an orientation leader for new student orientation this summer!

I applied to this class because I saw the application in the Facebook group for Buckley Public Service Scholars, which is a program that I, along with many of my classmates, am involved in. I was really interested in learning more about philanthropy and it is incredible to have the opportunity to have an experiential education opportunity such as this. In class, I am on the Student Ambassador Committee and I have been the student running this blog! Being on this committee, I have the opportunity to share the story of our process with readers of our blog. The coolest part of my job is that I get to publish the biographies of my classmates; I have been able to read about many of the things they are involved with on campus and learn more about them, and I am proud to be in a class with such passionate students.

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