Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nearing the Final Stretch

As of today, we have narrowed down 20+ grant applications down to 8.

The process has been challenging for all of us in the class because so many of these organizations that are applying are doing wonderful work in their communities. However, our class has the goal to fund organizations that best match with our mission so we have to keep our minds set on our goal.

In class, we are going through the 8 grants we have left, summarizing each of the applications for the class, and providing recommendations for whether or not we should fund these programs. Hopefully with these recommendations, we will be able to continue to narrow down our list.

Every week as I am writing for this blog, I always write about how impressive the thoughtfulness of students in our class is, and the intelligence of my classmates, but it is so true. The discussions are so incredible and each student has thought so carefully about each one of these grants. I am personally very proud to be a member of this class and be among such passionate students.

Just had to take a moment to say that....

But in the meanwhile, we are another step closer to selecting our organizations to fund.

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